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I provide psychological assessments for children and adults.  Each psychological evaluation is customized to answer question that brings you to my office.  This means that I will not provide the same assessment to every person who walks in my door, as I am trying to answer the questions you have in the most efficient manner possible.  Some assessments may be brief and time-limited, whereas others require extensive testing and time. I utilize a neurodevelopmental perspective to assessment.  This means that I am not focused only on explaining what the problem is, but what what underlying cognitive processes may explain why the problem is occurring. 

Please feel free to contact me for detailed phone consultations to determine if testing would be helpful for you. 

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Psychological diagnoses can be confusing and overwhelming. I believe that diagnosis should not be taken lightly by medical or mental health professionals and that better understanding can lead to better treatment.  A thorough psychological assessment not only lends clarity to diagnosis, but paints a picture of how an individual approaches the world, their unique strengths and weaknesses, and their needs to grow and succeed.

Typical referrals for psychological testing include learning concerns, academic accommodations, developmental delays, clarification for another mental health or medical professional, or social/emotional concerns.  My assessments can be brief and answer specific questions or encompass a wide range of domains including social, linguistic, academic, executive functioning/attention, and developmental functioning. 

Upon completion of a psychological assessment, you will be provided with a thorough psychological report which outlines your results, individual strengths and weaknesses, diagnoses, and recommendations tailored to your needs and goals. In addition, I am available to provide consultation or advocacy in linking to referrals or obtaining services and accommodations.


  • Evaluation begins with a phone consultation in which we will determine if testing is needed or could be helpful.  You will be provided with an estimate of price at the time of your initial phone call.

  • We will then meet in person for a thorough and detailed interview to better determine the question(s) to be addressed through testing, to gather clinical history, and to solidify price/timeline of the assessment.

  • Testing will then take place over 1-3 appointments, each lasting 2-3 hours at a time.

  • Approximately one to three weeks after completion of testing, we will meet again to go over the psychological report, diagnoses, and recommendations.

  • Additional services include school observations, interviews with additional caregivers, or school meetings following the conclusion of testing.

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Although testing can address a wide range of concerns, here a few typical areas I assess:

  • Attention problems (ADHD, inattention, impulsivity)

  • Executive Functioning

  • Social/Developmental Delays (Autism, social concerns, early development)

  • Learning Styles 

  • GIftedness

  • General Academic Placement or Accommodations (preschool, elementary, high school, or college)

  • Diagnostic clarification or follow ups to assess for progress, medication effects, or academic recommendations)

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