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Presentations or Consultation

I truly love teaching!  I have experience teaching college courses, didactic courses, continuing education workshops, and classes.I enjoy any opportunity to share my experience and engage with other professionals or my local community.



I am available to provide a range of trainings for other professionals.  Trainings may take the form of an information talk to a full day CEU training.  Topics could range from basic information regarding diagnosis or understanding of specific anxiety disorders up to comprehensive training on treatment interventions.

Some previous trainings include:

  • Full day workshops of Exposure with Response Prevention for OCD 

  • Full day workshops on use of Exposure Therapy

  • Trainings on Prolonged Exposure Therapy for Trauma

Speaking Engagements

I am also happy to provide talks for local organizations regarding anxiety disorders or trauma.  These talks could include educational talks for the public, local organizations, or medical offices.

Previous talks include:

  • PTO talk about childhood anxiety

  • Lecture for local pediatricians about reactions to trauma in childhood

  • Training for local Urgent Care clinic on Panic Disorder


I have experience providing supervision for both psychological interns and postdoctoral interns in both therapy and psychological assessment.  

Please reach out to discuss options for one time consultation or ongoing supervision.

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