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Helpful Resources

Well, the spring of 2020 has been a difficult year. Many people around the world are suffering and struggling with mental health symptoms. Some of these people may never have experienced anxiety and fear at this level before. Others, however, have shown strength and resilience in their ability to put their coping skills to work. I have been proud of my current clients and their abilities to cope with fear, uncertainty and change. Together, we have found that the work we do in coping with anxiety has been good preparation for coping with this new fear that is outside of our control.

But this blog post is not directly about the impact of Covid-19 on mental health. I am writing this now because July is approaching. Every year in July, I close River’s Bend Psychology for a few weeks to take a small break. This year, given how much is going on in our world, I thought I would compile a list of resources to leave my clients with in my absence.

This list is a sampling of books, courses, podcasts, or websites that I believe may be helpful. Some may relevant to you, some may not. Some may be a good fit for you, some may not. Take what you would like and I hope you find something that you find helpful!

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

International OCD Foundation

-Multiple resources, articles, and links about coping and living with OCD.

The OCD Stories

-Very good Podcast providing real life stories about living with OCD

Kimberly Quinlan's Blog

-Great articles and blog posts about coping with OCD symptoms, types of OCD, etc.

The UnStuck Movie

-Great movie created for children (good for adults too!) that explains Exposure with Response Prevention (ERP) treatment for OCD.

Anxious Kids & Teens

-Natasha Daniels' website which is geared toward parents, kids and teens. Videos, articles and more.

Peace of Mind

-Multiple OCD resources; including an Online Support Group.

Online OCD Course

-Online Course in coping with OCD


Sam Harris Podcast

-Very good guided meditations


-Meditation app

Insight Timer

-Meditation App


-Meditation App. Also check out Calm 4 Kids.

Mindfulness Resources

-Comprehensive list of books, online courses, and websites about mindfulness.


Self-Compassion Resources

-List of resources related to Self-Compassion on Kristin Neff's webiste.

Article about Self-Compassion

-Great introduction to Self-Compassion

Self-Compassion Course

-Online Course in Self-Compassion

Videos about Self-Compassion

-Kristin Neff's videos explaining Self-Compassion

Self-Compassion Workbook

-Amazon link to Self-Compassion workbook


Parenting Course

-Online Triple P Parenting Course


If you are in Crisis, please go to your nearest Emergency Room or call 911. If you are experiencing high risk symptoms you may contact the Deschutes Country Crisis line at (800) 875-7364.

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